Our people (our greatest asset) deliver top-notch performance day-in and day-out.  We do not sacrifice our quality, and we do not short-cut our talent.  We bring innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of services; and we complete all missions on-time and on budget.

Our corporate office is comprised of professional, caring, and focused leaders and administration personnel who masterfully manage all of our Corporate Operations, Business Operations, Financial Operations, Business Development, Quality Management Systems, and Safety Systems.

Each Departmental Leader has a requirement to conduct outreach to offsite employees as well as customers on a weekly basis. This corporate team is multi-talented and multi faceted and diverse – embodying the spirit of servant leadership.

Executive Team

Sean Heileman

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Strategy Officer


Mr. Sean Heileman, CEO, ProSource Technology, Inc., has more than 20 years ( 3 years in Army Special Operations Aviation) of DoD, U.S. Army, and Civil Aviation experience as a systems integrator, safety manager, supply manager, quality systems manager, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Trainer, Value Stream Manager, and Aviator. Mr. Heileman has more than 1800 flight hours in AH-64A/D Apache, OH-58A/C, UH-1H, Cessna 152s and 172s; and, more than 150 Combat Flight Hours in CH/MH-47s as a Flight Engineer. Mr. Heileman is known as a “change agent’ within commercial and government communities, having led multiple process improvement and integrated product teams (IPTs) to streamline processes. Mr. Heileman conceived and grew ProSource Technology, Inc. from 1 employee to over 200 employees in less than 4 years with operations from Afghanistan to California in Aviation Services, Engineering, Logistics, Transportation, and Maintenance.

Rich Wilson

Executive Vice President


Mr. Richard Wilson, Executive Vice-President, ProSource Technology, Inc., Richard Wilson joined ProSource in 2013. Mr. Wilson has a BS in Business and an MS in International Management from Troy University. Rich came to ProSource after twenty-two plus years in Army aviation from the rank of Private to the rank of Sergeant Major with more than 12 years in U.S. Special Operations Aviation. Mr. Wilson’s background in aviation, facilities maintenance and leadership makes him a key component of ProSource’s growth strategy as the company moves into the next phase of its development.

Firuza Beria

Director of Operations


Firuza joined the ProSource Technology team in 2012. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Master’s Degree in Marketing. Prior to working with ProSource Technology, Firuza was the Payroll Specialist with Orion Technology, Inc. While serving in the position, Firuza’s duties included processing payroll, accounts payable, and processing expense reports. Firuza joined ProSource in 2012 as the Program Administrator. As such, she is responsible for processing accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivables, and support for proposal development and submissions.

In November 2014, Firuza Baria became Director of Operations of ProSource Technology, Inc.

Jessica Vance

Human Resources Generalist


Jessica joined the ProSource Technology team in 2014. She graduated from the University of Montevallo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work, with honors in volunteer service and community outreach. Prior to working with ProSource Technology, Jessica’s work history included the position of Office Manager and Agency Social worker for an in-home care company for seniors. While serving in the position, Jessica’s duties included employee recruitment and training, employee relations, benefits, team building, case management, employee management, and communicating and administering company policies.

Jessica is currently gaining membership to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).