ProSource offers full-service aviation consulting services for airports, port authorities, aircraft operators, airlines, defense, and federal and state aviation-related agencies. Our consulting services offered range from broad problem solving consulting to extremely specialized technical analyses in general aviation, strategic military aviation, and tactical military aviation.

Airside/Airfield Planning

  • Airfield Security Planning and Management
  • Airfield Environmental Hazards Planning and Mitigation
  • Demand, Capacity, and Operations Analyses
  • Airfield Lighting Planning
  • Airspace Obstructions Analyses
  • Airfield Layout Planning
  • Ramp Planning and Operations Analyses
  • Airport Operations and Safety Evaluations
  • Construction Operations Planning

Aviation Demand Forecasting

  • Aviation Demand Forecasting
  • Average Annual Day Activity and Annual Landing and Takeoff Cycle Development
  • Air Service Development
  • Fuels Services Demand Forecasting

Environmental Planning

  •  Environmental Planning & Processing
  • GIS/EIS Coordination for Airport Sponsors
  • Noise Abatement Analyses & Planning
  • Air Quality Analyses/Conformity Analyses/Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) Program Applications

Land Use Planning

  • Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 150
  •  Vision 100 Section 160 Land Use Compatibility Plans
  • Airport Land Use Compatibility Plans
  • Airspace Protection Plans and Zoning
  • Noise Land Inventories and Reuse Plans
  • Land Development/Airport Compatibility Impact Assessments
  • Collateral Land Development Plans

Revenue Development

  • Collateral Development/Land Use Planning
  • Automobile Public Parking/Ground Transportation Planning
  • Business and Leasing Strategy Assistance
  • Privatization/Third Party Outsourcing Support
  • Real Estate and Economic Development Strategies

Operations Research

  • Airport Systems and Subsystem Optimization Studies
  • Airport Performance Metrics
  • Queuing Analyses
  • Simulation

ProSource personnel have extensive experience in airside and airfield planning and operations analysis. ProSource has advised airport operators on developing airfield capacity and capability, optimizing operational efficiency, maintaining safety, and mitigating risk on projects ranging from long-term master planning to detailed implementation planning for complex airfield projects. ProSource staff have completed airside projects for numerous airports, including projects that serve commercial and government facilities.

Typical ProSource projects utilize the expertise of our military aviators, planners, safety officers, aviation maintenance personnel, and special operations personnel. Advanced projects involve our Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Theory of Constraints Jonahs who optimize processes at airfields and airports. Key services include the following.

  • Aircraft MRO Analyses – Our personnel bring significant experience planning maintenance facilities layouts, optimizing existing logistics processes, creating new maintenance processes, assessing operations capacity, and improving through-put. Coupled with our AS9100 and 9110 experience, we are able to provide a total turnkey solution in aviation MRO. Our personnel have won international awards in process excellence as it relates to aviation MRO and can surely help improve operations at your location.


  • Demand, Capacity, and Operations Analyses – ProSource personnel have provided services to measure demand and capacity at aviation terminals and MRO facilities to include: Fort Rucker, Alabama, Pemco Aviation in Birmingham, AL, and multiple locations around the world. We have created data collection and measuring system analyses (MSA) toolsets that have provided business process improvements to take shape and increase efficiencies at these locations. Adapting our process skills and tools to larger scale facilities such as international airports is merely a matter of scale.


  • Airfield Layout Planning – ProSource’s airport planners and military airfield planners have significant experience addressing complex aviation and ground traffic challenges as well as airfield layout challenges. Our personnel have prepared ALPs for U.S. military operations in combat and training scenarios as well as major airfield reconfigurations, runway capacity expansions, and taxiway network improvements. We review the data and information that helps us refine requirements for runway length and orientation, navigational aids, and taxiway connectivity based on detailed demand analyses. Our personnel have extensive experience developing plans in accordance with FAA, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and other applicable standards. Our consultants optimize the layout based on the existing master plans, commercial, general, and civil aviation traffic to provide the required capacity, utility, and operational efficiency desired.


  • Airspace Obstructions Analyses – Navigable airspace is becoming increasingly hard to define against the influx of new aircraft types to include UAVs. Protecting navigable airspace is a high-priority for air transportation safety, and our consultants use sophisticated tools to evaluate the airspace and runway to assist in proper deconfliction of airspace. ProSource consultants prepare Obstacle Evaluation Reports in accordance with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 77, Objects Affecting Navigable Airspace; FAA Order 8260-3B, U.S. Standard for Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS), and related orders; ICAO Annex 14 and Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS); and other regulatory guidance, as required.


  • Ramp Planning and Operations Analyses – ProSource works with airport management, first responders, and operators to develop and evaluate aircraft parking positions and transit layouts to optimize gate concourse frontage as well as emergency egress and ingress routing.


  • Airport Operations and Safety Evaluations – ProSource’s airport planning personnel understand the criticality of safety. We are expert in safety systems. We analyze all systems and specialized operational areas, such as deicing systems, aircraft rescue and fire fighting response time compliance, safety risk analysis programs, adherence to regulations and policies. In military airport operations and safety evaluations we integrate the safety planning to ensure accident prevention systems are optimize on the airfield and that the risk analysis take into account the ever changing airport environment.


  • Construction Operations Planning – ProSource provides construction operations planning services to assist airport operators and construction personnel in defining baseline requirements that must be maintained throughout construction, assessing the construction master plan with a look at the operational calendar, and efficiently scheduling activities that impact safety, quality, and productivity in a matter that is very efficient.