Our electricians average more than 10 years’ experience each, and conduct maintenance and repair of production equipment at Red River Army Depot and BOS –L in Afghanistan. The experienced gained on these sites has proven invaluable to allow ProSource to develop strong depth to execute multiple contracts in the electrical vocation. Our personnel conduct installation, maintenance, repair, preventive maintenance, testing of electrical wiring systems, fixtures, equipment and electrical control systems for industrial equipment on RRAD and BOS-L. We routinely troubleshoot and diagnose malfunctions and determine scope of electrical damage. Malfunctions are reported and fault trees utilized to identify the root cause and implement corrective actions to eliminate the source of failure and/or mitigate the impact until permanent solutions are implemented.

Our electrical performance also consists of interior and high voltage, repair/replace contacts, relays, coils, transformers, wiring, lamps, switches, motors, thermostats, fuses, sockets, plugs and batteries, overhead and underground primary and secondary distribution system, street lighting systems, industrial equipment such as lift stations, substations and generators (transfer switches).