ProSource has extensive experience operating and managing bulk fuels and retail fuel operations in contingency and permanent environments in commercial and DoD environments.   We have stored and issued bulk fuel and operated the Fuel Dispensing Facilities (FDF). Our Petroleum Distribution Systems Operators, guided by DoD, DA, Defense Energy Supply Center Contract Bulletins, and local regulations and policies; consolidate, forecast, requisition, receive, issue, inventory, report, and manually maintain accountability in the appropriate fuel STAMIS, and other designated databases for all bulk fuel for the  military installations.  We ensure that all required fuel sampling is performed and all the fuel receiving and dispensing operations are conducted safely and in accordance with the appropriated regulatory guidance. We inspect the retail fuel dispensing sites on a daily basis to ensure that all equipment is operational and safe. We will also ensure that the sites are maintained.

ProSource’s goal is to maintain a 100% accident-free and injury-free environment at each contract site. Toward that end, our Corporate Safety Program in Fuels Management is extensive and is supplemented by site specific requirements. We provide a safety representative, responsible for overall enforcement of the Corporate Safety Program and Site Specific Safety Program, is designated for each site. All employees are required to read and demonstrate understanding of the safety program.