ProSource provides a General Maintenance Mechanic services to fulfil a variety of simple to complex maintenance tasks on  BOS efforts.  Our highly qualified journeymen work meticulously in an austere environments as well as garrison environments.  ProSource operates, maintains, and repairs everything from small construction projects, to enlarging a room or repair items.  While in Afghanistan we:

  • Designed, constructed, remodeled, retrofitted, and repaired interior and exterior structures made of wood, wallboard, plaster, concrete, or brick.
  • Designed, constructed, retrofitted, and repaired cabinets, tables, shelves, benches, partitions, flooring, door and window frames, and other types of furniture.
  • Cleaned, maintained, adjusted, calibrated and serviced equipment used in the performance of duties.
  • Monitored work done by outside Contractors for adherence to code requirements.
  • Maintained all equipment as required per the Preventive Maintenance Program.
  • Repaired appliances