ProSource performs preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance. Our HVAC personnel lubricate fans, motors, pumps, dampers, and operating hardware. We also replace belts fans as well as repair and/or replace insulation. Our personnel clean bearings, fan housings, fan squirrel cages or other impellers, air conditioning units, fan, and mechanical rooms. As part of our Detail usage of refrigerants and charging systems with refrigerant.

Our HVAC Technicians inspect, install, repair and maintain refrigeration, de-humidification and air conditioning systems and equipment through testing, locating and diagnosing causes of malfunctions of systems. Our teams of generator mechanics perform maintenance and repair on the following types of equipment and systems: domestic refrigerators, air conditioners (ranging from one-ton window units to approximately 200- ton central units), water coolers, air filtering and de-humidification equipment. The contractor shall repair or replace any or all parts of mechanisms such as compressor parts pump parts, evaporator parts, condensers and controls such as thermostats, pressure stats, humi-stats, relays, switches, and pneumatic controls. The contractor shall perform preventive maintenance inspections of equipment and accomplish repairs that consist of: adjustment of belts and pulleys and cleaning and lubricating equipment.

As the trend of expanding skills and capabilities of BOS operators grows, we intend to use every opportunity to infuse HVAC training with Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) concepts and prove their validity for our customers.  ProSource is already developing an innovative and creative RCM solution that complements the embedded logic in newer HVAC systems today.