ProSource provides electrical services in support of ABM’s BOS-L mission. ProSource’s Electricians perform highly skilled maintenance, installation, repair and troubleshooting work involved with electrical distribution systems. Electrical work such as installing conductors, splicing cable, building terminations, low voltage electric lines and conduits for telephone systems, setting poles, and stringing overhead lines.  Our electricians all perform overhead line maintenance.  Others perform in a number of areas including heating, refrigeration, motors, fire alarms and generators equipment.

On a larger industrial scale our team provides

  • Execution of all projects and maintenance that supports the US Armed Forces that occupy over 4,000 structures at FOB Leatherneck.
  • 3 Megawatt electrical power plants consisting of either the MEP-012A or MEP-208A 750 kilowatt generating units
  • The Deployable Power Generation Distribution System (DPGDS) power system consisting of either the MEP-810A or B model, 12-cylinder, Cummins KTA38 (38 liters/2300 cubic inches), the 16-cylinder, 9072 cubic inches, General Motors Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), and the inline 6- cylinder Caterpillar 3456 Diesel Engine