ProSource’s vehicle maintenance operations includes conducting Property Book Operations, Vehicle Operations and Supporting Functions, Maintenance Management Support, Maintain Equipment Storage Site and Supporting Functions, equipment storage and warehouse operations, and property accountability operations involving  unit equipment.

Our team provides maintenance and supply services at multiple locations, supporting programs of similar scope and level of effort required by most DoD and commercial operations, including heavy equipment repair, tracked vehicle repair, material handling equipment (MHE) repair, automotive repair, tractor-trailer and container repair, supply and asset management support, production control, quality, and safety support.  We perform this from Afghanistan to California in support of our war fighters, and can easily transfer these skills and best practices into the commercial market.

Each project is built on groupings of standard processes giving us the ability to track multiple programs.  Next, our applicable technician prepares the equipment for workflow.  All necessary safety steps are reviewed to ensure both the equipment and any personnel around the equipment are set in a safe condition.  During the Receipt/Induction step, our Production Planning & Control (PP&C) teams will create a work packets for each item, and establish a work order record. Our Receipt/Induction processes emphasize accurate inventories. This applies to the end item, accompanying components and Basic Issue Items (BII) and when applicable, Modification Work Order (MWO) kits. We audit accompanying equipment records and work instructions, and when necessary, recreate records for items of equipment arriving without documentation.

Uniqueness in our performance is the fact that we utilize Lean and Six Sigma to identify safety hazards, mitigate hazards, reduce process variation and defects, and solve complex maintenance concerns that affect warranties across fleets of vehicles and models.  Common to our sites are the following:

  • New Equipment Training Team
  • Mobile Vehicle Servicing
  • Vehicle and Generator Refuel and De-Fuel
  • Engineering and Engineering Support