“Big Data” may seem like just another buzz word; but, if that is all it is, then our universities understand the value of “Big Data” – there are now degrees in Business Analytic.

For most businesses, government agencies, and the Department of Defense (DoD), data analysis provides both a method to identify changes in their systems to predicting outcomes in various “what if” scenarios.

Our Business Analysts have the statistical analysis, supply chain management, operations management, health care facilities management, facilities design, healthcare information technology systems management, and leadership skills to use data and information to resolve a myriad of common and uncommon problems that plague many institutions and businesses.

Successful business analytic depend on data quality. Performing data testing to achieve a full-on assessment of the data’s fitness prior to analysis requires skilled statistical analysts with access to the right data “tools”.

Interested in learning about the effects of power outages on the life of your HVAC units Then, you will need to analyze the historical data across a broad subset of the HVAC units that are impacted by these occurrences. The value of business analysts becomes critical to your success. Interested in predicted and preventing data center system failures due to over-heating of CPUs? It’s important to understand multivariate data.