The growth of an upstart in the marketplace requires a strong diversity in this economy. To start our firm, we engaged in the development of revenue streams within the core capabilities of our leaders.

ProSource markets and sells facilities maintenance services, technology, technology enhancements, aircraft loading software, engineering/technical services, and the mission critical knowledge and training to our customers.

We focus our marketing and sales efforts around the engineering and support to our nation first in: military aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul, base operations support, directorate of public works support, logistics systems support, vehicle maintenance support, and training support.

We passionately evaluate and create solutions and lasting positive change through project engineering techniques that include Design For Lean Six Sigma (DFLSS), Theory of Constraints (TOC), Cost Benefits Analyses (CBA), Root Cause and Corrective Action (RCCA) Analyses, Failure Modes Effect Analyses (FMEA), and a plethora of other techniques.

If you are looking to improve your operations, maintain, or repair your facilities then you’ve found your best partner!

If you are looking for a successful, trustworthy, competent, and comprehensive company that is able to customize and tailor teams and innovation to meet your needs, then you’ve found the right small business partner!