Data Reporting can be tedious and complex. It seems everyone who wants data has a given purpose or variation for the use of the information disclosed. How do you navigate this web of results? Well, you need a simpler method to coalesce data and derive reports that are statistically accurate and useful. This requires specialized data testing methods and “tools” to achieve such tests.

Our Business Analysts have mastered the “tools” of the trade, and derive accurate reports to help you optimize processes and increase efficiency.

We help you assess your organization’s capabilities in this area, develop effective strategies and structure, and execute your approved plan using basic and advanced analytic tools such as:

  • Effectiveness Assessment
  • Information Strategy & Design
  • Metrics & KPI’s
  • Data Warehouse Structures/Clusters
  • Factorial Testing
  • Cpk
  • Measuring System Analysis (MSA)

Statistical Analysis requires attention to detail. Whether you need systems provisioning to meet battlefield supply system optimization levels, facilities engineering charting to predict impending failures and prevent their occurrence, or simply accounting charts to identify resource depletion points, we can serve your needs.

Combined with our Lean and Six Sigma experience, we can help improve your reporting to get to the data that matters, and exclude the data that is “noise.”