ProSource is building internal and external architectural design capabilities.  Our personnel in Afghanistan helped re-design and update the Master Plans for Camp Leatherneck and Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.  Our design efforts helped stabilize the facilities management activities at Base Operations Camp Leatherneck and Camp Bastion.

ProSource engages customers to develop and execute strategic roadmaps to create greater mission sustainability using the following steps:

  • Conducting an analysis of the requirements and bill of materials to ensure that all designs utilize available materials and materials that are of like-kind and easily accessed within the local marketplace and/or without great risks to the soldiers/personnel who will maintain them.
  • Identify methods to reduce exposure and demand for Base Camp Enlargement
  • Minimize wastes through recycling and reuse of materials and facilities equipment to support Base Camp growth
  • Recycle and/or reuse generated wastes in to systems determined to be necessary in the planning stages. (e.g. Wastes incinerators that convert wastes into electrical energy, waste POL burners that convert fossil and organic oils into heat energy, reuse of plywood and bricks to facilitate structures)

Because the federal architecture requirements for permanent structures is very complicated and unique, we have turned to our trusted mentor, HDR Incorporated, to guide s through the challenges associated with federal architecture.

Our architects, engineers, program managers and planners are talented and inspired professionals who seek first, to understand our clients. We are truly blessed and honored to incorporate design features in federal architecture that affect the daily life of our citizens, patriots, allies, and those who need the support and expertise we bring to life each day.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy solutions are incorporated in all of our designs as allowed, and we seek to become a LEED leader in all of the markets we serve.  As a protégé to one of the world’s best A&E firms, ProSource is especially honored to be a part of lasting socio-economic and environmental change for millions of people around the world.