ProSource Engineers have a wide range of experience. In the most austere environments our engineers execute utility systems management, operations and maintenance design, Installation equipment and heavy equipment maintenance planning, sustainment, renovation and repair plans for all real property.

Additionally, we provide waste water treatment and conveyance, flood walls, flood control, navigation, drainage, levees, and other structures that primarily support the public works in federal, state and local governments as well as overseas, combat zones, and the private sector.

Our staff experience spans a period of more than 50 years in public works civil engineering with a focus on roads & grounds and specialty skills in waste water and water resources engineering in communities and major drainage and river basins of the United States.

Our broad range of military and civilian experience enables us to conduct high-quality and accurate engineering studies, and prepare engineering reports that help you identify options and alternatives to solve your engineering challenges to meet your project plans and specifications.

ProSource has been involved in a wide range of projects and is extremely experienced in conducting hands-on public works projects, studies, engineering reports, and construction documents for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, the Afghan Army, the Afghan nation and associated clients therein.

Our work also includes flood plains planning, flood control, and drainage projects. We seek top ensure that the communities we serve are well-planned, protected, sustained, and improved.