Top performing custodial service requires a commitment to training and quality assurance.  We are able to carefully structure our teams to provide on-going training to custodians to improve their knowledge of surfaces, cleaning substances, MSDS procedures, safety, security, accountability and continuous improvement.  We utilize earth-friendly products, validate their effectiveness, and recognize companies that provide the best products for your needs.  Our custodians are always friendly, aware, and conscientious about their surroundings.

We utilize smart technology with I-Phones and I-Pads to communicate directly, map our service level metrics, and provide daily updates for our customers.  Custodians are able to see the evidence of their hard work, team work, and communication on our Smart TVs that constantly scroll schedules and metrics in our team office and on the smart devices mentioned.  Workers can use mobile devices to enter schedule change requests, acknowledge assignments, training, and updates to ensure all tasks have been properly completed.  We provide custodial leads, supervisors, and managers the ability to order products directly through our online corporate portal for refill.  This saves the government significant time and money in regards to time and materials for the contract.  Such innovative technology will allow us to provide Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt Training for our custodians at no additional cost to the customer.