We are able to bring experience, know-how, and innovation to systems that manage facility power and metering.  Today’s goals in Energy and Power Systems Integration requires an understanding of legacy systems lifespans and how to get the most of legacy systems just prior to upgrading to new approaches in usage and supply options.  Our energy management professionals work closely with you to maximize existing systems and choose the optimal cross-over point to new systems from both the demand and supply side of the power grid.

Because we work closely with industry leaders like HDR, you benefit from the agility and nimbleness of our small business and the experience and engineering of our strategic relationships.  We are able to harness the latest and most effective technologies without the added expense of significant trials and errors that may come with our competitors.

Additional risks reduction and mitigation is had through our integration of full-service engineering experts who understand the supply chain from raw materials to life cycle turnover. All associated power systems engineering, design, manufacturing, permitting, and contracting are covered and addressed for the life of our business relationship. Thus, we provide added-value that is ongoing, sustainable, and bridges multi-generational project plans for your facility.