ProSource is able to draw heavily from our experiences and lessons learned in Prudhoe Bay and Cook Inlet to satisfy our responsibilities of minor construction services along with operations and maintenance support. We are able to complete small project work by drawing from a pool of pre-approved personnel.  In addition, we develop pools of personnel in the local area of our contracts to rapidly ramp-up for efforts.  This includes qualified Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) personnel, local unions that are already on contract, and personnel who are protected on the Service Contract Act (SCA).  We even have a larger of pool of U.S. military veterans with extensive construction jobs who are willing to travel and are used to working in austere environments.

We keep these pools of dedicated professionals and technicians available through our ProSource Advantage program (our human resource outreach) system.  The result to you is smarter job estimating and planning, cost savings, time savings, safety enhancement and superior quality of service.

In addition, we have built a team of highly professional small businesses that are higly rated by their local Better Business Bureau (BBB) offices, industry, and customers.  This allows us to select the best small business and large business partners with whom we team to ensure independent job orders (IJOs) and modification work orders (MWOs) are properly staffed and efficient.

We have teamed with unions, private companies, and Davis-Bacon Act contractors to ensure minor construction projects adhere to federal requirements.  We are not risk adverse, and we have negotiated with unions in the past.  So, don’t let the thought of negotiations keep you up at night.  We know how to negotiate the best for our customers when it comes to minor construction.