Our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling.  You need professional engineers and veteran technicians to help improve your infrastructure.  ProSource provides solutions that work.  Providing the leadership, safety-conscious personnel, and process controls to enrich pipeline operation and maintenance.  ProSource experienced plumbing, piping, gas pipeline, and pipeline operators through a worldwide network of pre-registered and pre-approved team members.  With just one phone call we can arrange SMEs to be on-site within 24-48 hours in emergency situations, or base them on your site for long term service agreements or contracts.

ProSource provides in-house design capabilities and a full-spectrum of customizable options for manning and work requirements. Guidelines such as CFR 195.452, API 1160, the Pipeline Safety Act of 2002, ASME B31.8S, NACE Recommended Practices for Direct Assessment, Operator Qualification, and others, can be difficult for some oil and gas companies to navigate.  We have consultants who are accredited and able to assist you in aligning your resources, management, policies & procedures to pass all testing requirements and maintain a high-quality pipeline management system and meet all federal, state, and local requirements.