ProSource has provided roads and pads support services in Afghanistan on BOS-Leatherneck.  These services include roads planning, evaluation, and construction.  Additionally, we have developed an environmentally friendly supplier base that supports roads and pads construction and maintenance.  Environmental pollution is a major problem today in road construction. One of the more attractive pollution reduction strategies is to use HMA that is partially mixed with recycled waste polymers.  Not only is this environmentally friend, it is also provides a cost savings to our customer

In all of our operations we utilize the EPA’s Environmentally Preferably Purchasing (EPP) guidelines to identify vendors and products that meet the EPP’s guidelines.  It is particularly important for us to develop a vendor base for the sustainability of your roads and grounds.


The entire landscape of a facility is a living and breathing skin that blankets and supports the image and viability of your facility.  Form, fit, and function should be both visually appealing and practical.  ProSource provides hands-on, experienced, and certified landscaping professionals with more than 10 years’ experience individually, to help plan, service, and maintain permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary surfaces.

As part of our community outreach, we partner with local colleges and universities to bring technological advancement and technology transfer to the application of surface sealants, removal of corrupted sealants, development of landscaping mulching, soil, and soil conservation plans and techniques, as well as the physical installation of plants and shrubs.