We have established a tiered supplier process that gains us access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and After-Market parts at discounted rates.  This allows us factory direct pricing in some cases.  Additionally, we have created a supplier management system whose metrics are based in statistical analysis and sigma levels.  We expect our suppliers to have higher-level quality management systems that are compliant with ISO 9001:2008 or other similar system.  Moreover, we have relationships with local and regional custom, or make-to-order, manufacturers and fabricators.  These small business machine shops, and cabling shops can produce hard to find or obsolete parts for use on the equipment we will be maintaining.

All parts are order at our sites or centrally at or Work Control Center (WCC) in Huntsville, AL.  The process works by having each site provide their parts requests electronically to the home office WCC.  Parts requests can be emailed or faxed.  In either case, they will not be processed without COR approval.

Beyond our tiered system, we also facilitate Vendor management Inventory (VMI) for hardware and bench stock. We believe that VMI provides economies of scale at a lower costs than we can provide to our customer in some instances. VMI also leads to better inventory management in most cases because our vendors are focused on profitability and service for what may seem to others as insignificant consumables or parts.