ProSource provides customized software development and integration for companies and government agencies who want to have a proprietary solution for their safety, quality, production, human resources, estimating, pricing, and capture management.

Construction and Engineering Industries
Software developments in the construction industry are increasing. It is estimated that the this is a $20 billion industry; yet there are not enough cost-effective solutions that assist with various disciplines and specialties such as documentation development, control, integration, and configuration management. Our methods are cost-effective, very efficient, and proven to add value through increased speed, accuracy, and delivery.

If you need to drive out waste in your back-office due to a lack of continuity and convenience in documentation development, tracking, and production, we can deliver these customized services at rates far less than most of our competitors.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Many residential and commercial firms utilize BIM to interface with their customers to accommodate rapid visualization and changes to the architectural drawings prior to the build phase. Smal to Mid-Sized firms can have dramatically improved bottom-line results through the effective development of BIM solutions. Creating 3-D Models helps all of the subcontractors as well as the prime contractor assess the validity of all facets of the build process and identify potential challenges before executing the labor.

Designing detailed and visually rich models prevent cost overruns and quality mishaps. ProSource provides the team of experts you need to ensure the highest definition and accuracy in our 3-D models.