ProSource provides on-site Asset Management from proven professionals with extensive careers in asset management, property accountability, supply chain management, Lean applied to the supply chain, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints (TOC) applied.

Significant costs are incurred in improperly managed supply chains. We provide the right tools to optimize your supply chain where it is impacted the most – the constraint; and, we seek ways to help your workforce become more effective and efficient, especially when funds are limited and strained. Through scientifically proven and industry award-winning methods we eliminate wastes in your processes and find cost-savings, time savings, and real innovations that create breakthroughs for your organization.

Simply accounting for equipment, tools, supplies, and the life cycle of such items is not enough. Devising multi-generational improvements in increments that fit your budget and time horizon are what is needed to keep your organization ahead of the potential impacts. We have the experts to help you stay ahead and reach new levels of efficiency, safety, productivity so that your goals and bottom-line reflect the positive changes.

We have managed facilities in combat zones such as Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. We accounted for all of the real property, managed the life cycle of the installation, all improvements, all carpentry, all plumbing, civil and structural engineering, as well as architectural designs.

In the U.S., we are an integral part of the United States Army Reserve Command (USARC) property accountability team, which is responsible for managing several warehouses, buildings, and equipment owned and operated by USARC.