ProSource provides personnel to operate the Fleet Fuel Points in support of the Trucking Fleet Operations. This support includes all fueling and bulk storage operations. Commercial fleet operations require careful consumption calculations and precise measuring to ensure the properly utilization of fuels without exceeding cost estimates.

ProSource has operated petroleum bulk storage tanks, and delivers fuel using remote storage tanks and equipment. Our personnel have also performed remote servicing of generators and other equipment.

Our Fuel Technicians maintain manual records of fuel issues to vehicles and equipment in the event the computerized systems become inoperable, or if manual dispensing is used. We provide the original POL issues documents and monthly abstracts of issues to physical inventory. Our experience ranges from the commercial market to the DoD market in fuels services; and, from the motor pool to the airfield.

Our personnel conduct the necessary test to determine fuel quality, water content, and temperature and API gravity. The average experience level of our fuel personnel is 9.5 years. With this level of experience comes value-added inspections of fuel equipment/vehicle to ensure safe and efficient operations of fuel distribution systems within a mobile or fixed unit. We check all pumping systems for correct operating pressure, unusual sounds and smells and clean strainers and filters to ensure proper operation. We are quite adept at providing “aqua-glo” water testing, recording findings and reporting findings so that solutions can be identified and implemented quickly.

We adhere to all OSHA, company safety policies, and local policies, laws and regulations regarding the dispensing of fuels.