If you are interested in eliminating waste in your supply chain, then it’s time to develop a Lean system that eliminates non-value added activities and wasteful activities. We know that most supply systems are only 10%-15% efficient. Unlocking the value is where ProSource comes in.

Often Purchasing departments are duplicated from the parent organization down to the local site. This is a redundancy that no one can afford. By having two purchasing departments inefficiency occurs and information flow may be different from the parent organization to the site. For our federal and local government customers we notice that total cycle time is typically impacted by multiple purchasing organizations and prices vary. These signals of a failing system often go ignored until budget crises occur; and, then it’s very difficult to solve. Our customers that practice lean supply chain management reduce their procurement functions and costs significantly. The savings derived are an immediate impact to the bottom-line.

ProSource applies lean to help reduce total lead time (TLT) and work in process (WIP) in supply chains. We help our customers seek the best balance between parts on hand, inventory, operational efficiency, and parts on order. This requires a disciplined and structure approach to measuring the supply chain from the customer to the beginning of the supply chain to learn where the bottle-necks are in the process and use our CPI tools to mitigate, optimize, and eliminate bottle-necks.

ProSource key personnel helped design the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) deployment plan for the U.S. Army, and helped implement it across the U.S. Army Depot system. We know something about how “big data” is applied across the enterprise to determine the economic order quantities (EOQ). We can help you optimize your system too.

Our DoD and U.S. Government (USG) customers have already experienced the positive changes that result from effectively implementing Lean and Six Sigma in their supply chains. We have managed supply chains that effect our operations at Barstow and Yermo, CA, Gaithersburg, MD, and Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. These operations include:

  • Maintenance Supply Operations
  • Supply Support Activities
  • Consolidated Receiving Points
  • Aircraft Supply Systems