Adherence to shop safety and discipline is a hallmark of our approach. By combining our quality processes with skilled workers and regular inspections from our RABQSA Certified Quality Auditors, and within all activities, we achieve and maintain very low incident rates. In 2013, our accident rate was 0% across all contracts. Proper handling of hazardous materials is another critical element of our operations. We are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001-2008 compliant, and all of our operations conform to all Federal, State, and local standards.

Applying our Quality and Safety Experience:

  • At Fort Huachuca Logistics readiness Center (LRC), we managed the Quality and Safety programs
    with excellent reviews from our customer.
  • At 63rd RSC (Barstow and Yermo CA) we provide Quality Control and Safety Programs across a
    broad spectrum of vehicle maintenance and servicing.
  • At Red River Army Depot we apply U.S. government quality and safety standards along with
    specific OSHA requirements to sustain our electricians, carpenters, boiler operators, boiler tenders, and millwrights.